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DFG: Priority Programme “Variational Methods for Predicting Complex Phenomena in Engineering Structures and Materials” (SPP 2256)
The design of new solid materials with specific properties in order to provide optimal solutions to engineering problems is a challenging task. Progress in this area is not possible without fundamental contributions from the mathematical sciences, which offer both analytical and numerical tools for the solution of complex problems. In order to further advance this design process, a concerted effort of experts in both mathematics and mechanics is needed. It is the aim of this Priority Programme to support the development of new mathematical methods in the variational setting with broad applicability and to demonstrate their power at well-chosen problems from mechanics or materials science.
Variational methods that have proven to be successful include the theories of homogenisation, relaxation, Gamma convergence and variational time evolution.
Proposals must be written in English and submitted to the DFG by 16 September 2019.