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20 European natural history museums and botanic gardens have been successful in securing a FPVI European-funded Integrated Infrastructure Initiative grant, called SYNTHESYS.
This five-year grant comprises two parts which together aim to create an integrated European infrastructure for researchers in the natural sciences.
The call is now open. The next deadline is Friday 16 September 2005
Part 1 – Access: which will enable researchers based in Europe to access the earth and life science collections, facilities and taxonomic expertise at the 20 institutions listed below in 11 national Taxonomic Facility Consortia (TAFs) . The operational details will be developed over the coming six months. It is anticipated that SYNTHESYS Access will run in a similar format to the FPV IHP-funded SYS-RESOURCE (London), COLPARSYST (Paris), COBICE (Copenhagen), HIGH-LAT (Stockholm) and BIOIBERIA (Madrid) & ABC (Brussels).
Part 2 – Networking Activities: comprises a series of five Networking Activities (NA) focused on creating a single ‘virtual’ museum service.